Hi, I'm Von Wong, and I make your impact unforgettable.

For the last five years, my team and I have generated over 100M organic views on topics like Ocean Plastics, Fast Fashion, and Electronic Waste for some of these wonderful organizations:

Along the way, we have provided our consulting services to many others, to translate their business values into unforgettable narratives using the intersection of Divergent Creativity and Design Thinking.

When the United Nations gathered 1500 delegates from 193 different countries to sign a global plastics resolution,we created the Giant Plastic Tap using trash from the slums of Kibera to immortalize their efforts.

πŸš€ Recreated in 5 different cities
πŸ’° Raised over $100,000 for the Human Needs Project
πŸ“Έ Selfie with the president of Kenya

When Starbucks announced that they were removing straws from their stores,we designed the Strawpocalypse out of 168,000 straws collected off the streets to explain why.

πŸ•ΊπŸ» 2M Organic Views
πŸ† Guinness World Record
🎬 Visited by over 100,000 individuals

When Dell wanted to talk about their Global Recycling Program,we transformed 4,100 lbs of electronic waste into three sculptures to ignite a conversation on how the past could power the future.

🎀 Adweek
🎬 7 Million Organic Views
πŸš€ Featured at SXSW & Dell World

When Greenpeace wanted a physical symbol that could spotlight the environmental impacts of Bitcoin mining,We created the Skull of Satoshi - an 11-foot tall mobile symbol made from over 300 pieces of Electronic Waste.

πŸ₯ 100s of memes & remixes
βœ… Deployed through Time Square
🎬 1.5M views Debate Sparked on Twitter

When Nike wanted to feature a few of their social impact influencers,we created an unforgettable experience by hanging them off a 30 story skyscraper.

πŸ₯ Mashable
βœ… Zero injuries
🎬 700k organic views on facebook

When Tomra wanted to make recycling interesting,we created a mermaid drowning in a sea of 10,000 plastic bottles.

πŸ“ 16k pledges
🎬 37 Million Organic Views
πŸ’΅ $25K raised for wastepickers

When Nexus Summit wanted to highlight the problem of fast fashion,We helped design and build the The World's Tallest Closet, to represent the number of clothes we accumulate over a single lifetime.

πŸ–– Shout-Out from George Takei
🎬 300k Organic Views in one week
πŸ‘• 6000 clothes donated to Refuge Egypt

When Shark Stewards wanted to generate support for a brand new shark sanctuary,we tied a model underwater with sharks to drive traffic towards their petition.

Ready for the world to remember your impact?

Let us help you design something unforgettable.

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